Thatching Specialists Dorset

Are you looking to hire a team of professional thatching specialists in Dorset? If so, look no further than R.V. Miller Ltd as we’re the top local experts. If your thatch has seen better days, we’ll replace it for you. Our services don’t just stop at installing thatched roofs. We can also repair and maintain your thatch, ensuring a long and productive life. If you would like to get in touch with the top thatching specialists in Dorset, waste no time in calling our team today on 01929 462465 for friendly and professional advice and a FREE, no-obligation quotation. 

Thatched Roof Repair in Dorset  

If you’re in need of thatched roof repair, look no further than R.V. Miller Ltd. Whether your roof needs just a few spots checking or has been heavily damaged or worn, you can count on our restoration services. We carry out everything, from minor spot repairs to complete thatch roof replacements. Our repair services are competitively priced and carried out by industry-approved thatching professionals. 

Traditional Roof Thatching Services in Dorset  

We provide customers in Dorset with an array of traditional thatching services, including: 

  • Installing Thatched Roofs 
  • Applying Water Repellent Coatings 
  • Thatch Repairs and Maintenance 
  • Ridge Replacements 

We also offer advice concerning other aspects of thatching, such as thatch surveys, insurance reports, fireproofing, and listed buildings. 

One of our experienced Dorset thatching specialists

Sustainable Dorset Thatching  

Our service is entirely sustainable because we use locally sourced reeds that are grown responsibly. There are two options available – water and wheat reed. We advise customers as to which is the best option for their properties, ensuring the longest possible service life. Both materials have been used for centuries, with wheat reed serving as a lightweight option. It’s less durable but can last up to 25 years with regular maintenance. 

Water reed is our second option and is considered a ‘heavy-duty’ option. With routine maintenance, a water reed thatched roof can last up to 45 years. 


Dorset Thatched Roof Maintenance  

We mentioned maintenance above, and it’s important that you consider this when investing in new thatching for your property. Consider that without maintenance, a wheat reed roof’s maximum life shrinks to around 15 years, and the maximum lifespan of a water reed roof is nearly halved. Maintenance can be scheduled on a recurring basis and involves our team inspecting for issues and carrying out spot repairs to keep the roof working at peak efficiency. 

Comprehensive Range of Thatching Services  

At R.V. Miller Ltd, we provide a comprehensive range of thatching services, including repairs and maintenance, water repellent coatings, and ridge replacements. 

Water Repellent Coating  

Water repellent coatings are a great way to keep moisture absorption, mould, rot, and discolouration at bay. These things can drastically reduce the lifespan and efficiency of any thatched roof, costing you more in the long run. Our coatings use nanotechnology that penetrates deep, creating a protective barrier that shields against microorganisms, such as fungi, algae, and moss. The coating is water-permeable and colourless. 

It is also: 

  • 100% Organic 
  • 100% Biodegradable 
  • Non-Flammable 
  • Non-Toxic 

It can also be used on both water and wheat reed roofs. 


The ridge is essentially the backbone of any thatched roof and runs along the very top centre of the roof. Ridges come in various styles, from plain flush to ornate and should be replaced every ten years or so. The team at R.V. Miller Ltd are fully qualified in this regard and supply ridging in various styles to suit any property. If your ridge has seen better days and needs replacing, waste no time in calling us. Any delays could impact the overall efficiency of your thatched roof. 

Repairing and Maintaining Thatch   

We feel that a thatched roof should always provide you with great value for money, but this is only possible if the roof is looked after. You don’t need to climb up there and do it yourself, and we wouldn’t recommend that you do. By requesting R.V. Miller Ltd to carry out routine inspections and small, frequent repairs, you could add another 15-20 years of life to your thatched roof. Our repair and maintenance services will save you a fortune having the whole roof replaced. 

To book a professional survey, contact your local thatching specialists in Dorset today! 

Is a Thatched Roof Expensive?  

Thatched roofs can be rather costly, especially if you’re investing in a brand-new one. The truth is that professional thatching companies are far and few between, so those that exist can charge whatever they feel like. We disagree with this mindset and remain committed to always charging fair and affordable rates for our services. We also highly recommend paying for regular maintenance visits, as this will add up to 20 years to your roof’s life, saving you money replacing the whole thing. 


If you’d like to see for yourself what our Dorset thatching specialists are capable of, the best way is by clicking on our gallery. 

Why Choose R.V. Miller?  

As a business, R.V. Miller Ltd has been around for more than half a century. Our Dorset-based company was established in 1966 by Rod Miller, who continues to run the business today along with his stepson, John Tozer. Rod and John are both proud members of the National Society of Master Thatchers and the Dorset Master Thatchers AssociationTheir commitment to providing exceptional service, quality workmanship, and honest advice, all at highly competitive rates, is what sets them apart from other thatching companies. 

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It should be obvious who to trust with your thatched roof, having read through the above information. R.V. Miller Ltd are the top thatching specialists in Dorset, whether you’re looking to have a new thatch roof installed or your current one repaired. If you’ve decided that we’re the thatched roof experts to call and would like to get in touch, you can do so by calling us on 01929 462465. If you’d prefer to get in touch using a written method, you can do so by emailing or filling out our online contact form, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.