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Has your property’s thatched roof seen better days? Does the thatch need repairing, or is a whole new roof in order? Then give the helpful and knowledgeable team at RV Miller a call today. We boast nearly 60 years of experience backed by a loyal workforce of in-house trained thatchers. Led by company founder Rod Miller’s stepson John Tozer, you can trust in the capabilities of our family-run business. 

To request that somebody comes and takes a look at your thatch, pick up the phone and call RV Miller today on 01929 462465. We look forward to having the opportunity to work on your thatched roof. 

Roof Thatcher in Dorset

Thatched roofs are not as commonplace as they once were, but many still exist up and down the country. They are a significant part of our culture and heritage, and one we at RV Miller are keen to preserve. If your thatched roof is in need of attention, you cannot simply call any roofing company. You need to enlist a team of thatchers like us, as only we have the required knowledge and skills to help. 

How Often Should You Thatch a Roof? 

There is no set answer to this as the material used, as well as other factors such as how regularly the roof is maintained, will affect how long the roof lasts. Generally speaking, water reed roofs last longer than wheat reed roofs. While repairs can extend the service life, the process of natural degradation means the thatch will eventually reach the end of its life. At this point, repairing it is false economy. 

To ensure a long life for your thatched roof, make sure to enlist our team of thatchers. They’ll keep your roof in tip-top condition and advise when a replacement is needed. 

Why Roof Thatching Is Eco-Friendly?  

Thatch roofs are considered to be an eco-friendly option. This is because thatch is made using reeds which are easy to grow and harvest using minimal equipment. The material itself is fully sustainable, and its acquisition has a negligible impact on the environment. If you’re considering switching to a modern roof but concerned about the environmental impact, this alone should convince you to stick with thatch. 

Why Choose RV Miller?  

Here at RV Miller, we’re regarded as being the go-to experts by many residents in Dorset whose properties possess thatched roofs. Our thatching advisory services are among the best around – a fact that’s earned us membership with the National Society of Master Thatchers (NSMT). You can trust that we know everything there is to know about thatched roofs. 

Our service is affordable, reliable, and always carried out by fully certified thatchers. With RV Miller, you’ll benefit from a thatched roof that’ll provide many years of reliable service. 

Types of Thatch 

You may not realise this, but there are two types of thatch available – one made from water reed and the other made from wheat reed. Knowing which type is best suited to your property can be tricky. Choosing the wrong type can have costly consequences. Fortunately, as bona fide NSMT members, you can trust that we know the difference and that our suggestions are worth considering. 

Wheat Reed or Water Reed Thatching 

Wheat reed is the lightest option and is less hard-wearing, though if correctly maintained, a thatched roof made from wheat reed can last 15-25 years. 

Water reed, on the other hand, is heavier and more hard-wearing. With correct maintenance, such a roof can last up to 45 years.  

Some properties cannot support the weight of water reed, which is why it’s offered as an alternative. 

Other Services  

Besides our thatching advisory service and ability to perform thatch installations, we at RV Miller can also offer other services, including: 

Plus, our team are trusted to carry out work on listed buildings, of which many thatched buildings are. So, if you’re looking for a team to help with your thatched roof, look no further than RV Miller. To get in touch, use any of the contact details listed below. 

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Are you living in a property with a thatch roof? Do you require the services and advice of a team that’s skilled at working with thatched buildings? It should now be obvious that RV Miller is the company to call, having read through the article above. Our impressive knowledge and expertise are unmatched. We’ve been providing exceptional services for nearly 60 years, so you can trust you’re in safe and capable hands. 

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