Thatchers in Wiltshire

Do you own a property with a thatch roof and are looking for expert thatchers in Wiltshire to maintain and repair it? If so, look no further than R.V. Miller Ltd, a company that can cater to all your thatched roof needs from garden projects to barn conversion. We have been in business for over 50 years and are experts in thatching. One of the largest thatching firms in the UK, we’re sure to be able to help so call us today on 01929 462465.


Expert Wiltshire Thatchers

At R.V. Miller Ltd, we have over 50 years of experience and can cater to all your thatched roof needs. From the smallest garden project to the largest barn conversion, we are the best thatchers in Wiltshire. We use wheat reed and water read on thatch roofs, with water reed being the more durable material. There is little aesthetic difference between a roof thatched in wheat reed or water reed, so at a glance, it is hard to tell the difference.

Both water reed and wheat reed have been used on roofs for centuries, but water reed is hard wearing and durable compared to wheat reed. When you choose water reed, you can expect your roof to last in excess of 25 years and, with regular maintenance from expert Wiltshire thatchers, 45 years. A wheat reed thatched roof, however, will only last around 15 to 25 years as it rots more quickly.

Thatchers in Wiltshire

As expert thatchers in Wiltshire, our services for thatched roofing include:

  • Ridging
  • Repairs
  • Water-repellent Coating
  • Advice



An important part of maintaining your thatch roof is ensuring the ridging is replaced approximately every ten years. As expert thatchers Wiltshire clients can rely on us to handle the ridging maintenance for your roof.


To keep your thatch roof well maintained, you should have small, singular repairs and inspections carried out by qualified experts like us. A well-maintained thatch roof will ensure a longer lifespan.

Water Repellent Coating

As expert thatchers in Wiltshire, we can now offer our clients a water-repellent coating using nanotechnology. The treatment preserves the lifespan of your thatch roof by offering a long-lasting, anti-mould protective barrier. This protects your roof from water absorption, reed mould, the growth of moss and algae, build-up of slime, rotting, and discolouration. Our waterproofing spray is water-based, 100% biodegradable, and also non-flammable and non-toxic.


Why we’re the Best Thatchers in Wiltshire

R.V. Miller Ltd was established in 1966 and has over 50 years of experience in the industry. A family run business, we are expert Wiltshire thatchers and can cater to all your thatch roof needs. We are one of the largest thatching firms in the UK which means we are able to take on any thatching project, no matter the size.

Proud members of Checkatrade, we provide a range of services as thatchers in Wiltshire, all of which we complete to the highest quality. From maintenance and repairs to our new waterproofing spray, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better company than us.

Our skilled team of craftsmen are loyal and provide professional and friendly service for our customers. As a family business of thatchers Wiltshire customer satisfaction is important to us and we always strive to complete the work to your specifications.

When you choose us to be your thatchers Wiltshire customers can expect a reliable, time efficient service. We will always turn up on time, finish the work to a high standard and in excellent time. Our team are always friendly and work extremely hard to ensure you get the finish you deserve.



For further information about our services as thatchers in Wiltshire, please contact us at R.V. Miller Ltd today on 01929 462465. Our expert team will be happy to help.