Thatched Roofs in Dorset

Does your thatched roof need to be thatched again? If so, contact R.V. Miller today as we are the thatching experts. Our company has thatched roofs in Dorset for over 40 years for properties of all sizes. So whether you need a new thatch roof, repair work or waterproof coating, R.V. Miller is the company to choose.

The best choice for all Dorset thatched roofs services

Thatched roofs in Dorset

R.V. Miller is the best provider of thatched roofs Dorset has to offer. The county of Dorset has a proliferation of properties with thatched roofing. As you are probably aware, thatched roofs in Dorset makers and repairers are a rare breed due to the level of skills and care required. It is a job that is best left to trained professionals.

We have worked on properties of all sizes from small garden projects to large barn renovations. Our company uses the finest water reed and wheat reed as part of our thatched roofs in Dorset service. If you have a thatch roof, then R.V. Miller is the company to call today as we have the experience and skills needed to provide a Dorset thatched roofs service.

Water reed is one of the most durable thatching materials available to R.V. Miller and will last around 25 years with some instances of this material lasting up to 40 years! We also use wheat reed which is not as long-lasting but offers all of the same benefits as the above. To keep all of our Dorset thatched roofs in excellent condition, we supply a 100% organic water repellent coating that will protect against:

  • Moisture absorption
  • Mould
  • Moss and algae
  • Build-up of slime
  • Rotting
  • Discolouration

If you need more information on our thatched roofs Dorset service, then do not hesitate to get in touch with the team.

Thatched roofs Dorset repairs

Over time, your Dorset thatched roof may suffer damage and inevitable wear-and-tear which is part of the territory as roofs are the most exposed part of any property. Due to the importance of roofing, it is vital that you ensure your roof is in good condition as it could cause major issues for your property.

We provide a comprehensive repairs service for thatched roofs in Dorset. If you suspect there is damage to your roof, do call our team and we will book a survey at a time that is convenient for you. Our team will inspect all properties and look to see how we can repair any damage caused to your Dorset thatched roofs.

We have the experience and expertise needed to provide the most exceptional repair service for thatched roofs Dorset customers have encountered. Our company has access to a huge array of thatches required to rectify any issues in your property.

Thatch ridging

Ridging is the name given to the beautiful part of thatched roofs in Dorset and will need to be replaced every 10 years. Our expert thatchers can provide a wide range of ridging styles like block ridging and plain flush ridging for your Dorset thatched roof.

We will inspect every thatched roof in Dorset before the thatch roof installation commences then we will cut a ridge that meets all initial requirements.

Advantages of having the best thatched roofs Dorset has seen fitted to your home

Thatched Roofs in Dorset If you have a Dorset thatched, roof, you may be interested to find out about the many benefits that this roof type offers over its modern counterparts.

Naturally insulates

Rather than wasting money on expensive insulation methods, choose Dorset thatched roofs. Due to the materials used in their construction, our thatched roofs provide natural insulation that is guaranteed to keep your property warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Blends in seamlessly with the surrounding area

Unlike tiles and slates which stand out in a rural area thanks to their bold colours and textures, thatching blends in far more seamlessly with the surrounding area. As they age, the materials begin to change colour taking on a far more natural hue. With the finest thatched roofs Dorset has to offer, you’ll have a roof that fits in harmoniously.

Environmentally friendly

Thatched roofs in Dorset are the eco-friendly option and are ideal for those who are interested in protecting the environment. The primary materials are grown and harvested largely by hand with manual tools. Plus, unlike tiles and slates, thatching requires little to no processing, so there is no machinery polluting the environment.

Can be shaped to look natural

If you’re looking for a house that exudes character then Dorset thatched roofs are the answer. Whereas conventional roofing is defined by straight edges and artificial textures, the natural qualities of thatching really shine through. Thatching can also be shaped in such a way that allows for the freedom to create truly unique designs.


While time-consuming, creating the most eye-catching thatched roofs Dorset has experienced needn’t cost a fortune. In fact, when compared with other roofing techniques, the cost is relatively low considering the positive effect such a roof has on a property.

Why are we the best choice for mending thatched roofs in Dorset?

At R.V. Miller, we have over 40 years of experience in providing an expert service for all thatched roofs in Dorset. Our company is run by John Miller and John Tozer both of whom are members of The Dorset Master Thatchers Association and National Society of Master Thatchers members.  Together, they bring experience and an eye for detail that is unmatched in the industry.

With many thatched roofs in Dorset companies, it can be difficult knowing who to choose. To make your life that little bit easier, we have listed reasons why you need to choose R.V. Miller:

  • Team of seven experienced thatchers
  • Qualified and experienced staff
  • Thatch roofs to a high standard
  • Family owned business
  • All services tailored to your needs
  • Waterproofing for thatched roofs if needed


Don’t take our word for it, view our gallery for examples of our Dorset thatched roofs projects.

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Updated on 18th January 2017.