Thatched Roof Construction Dorset

Do you currently own a property in Dorset that has a thatched roof? Is your thatched roof in need of a great maintenance service? Then you have discovered the best thatching company in the business with RV Miller. Our expert team of thatchers perform the finest thatched roof construction Dorset has to offer, and we will make sure your roof is up to scratch and properly protects your home.

Dorset thatched roof construction  Thatched Roof Construction Dorset

At RV Miller, we cover all aspects of Dorset thatched roofing installation and can also help you with whatever thatched problems you need fixing. During the 50 years that our company has been established, we have helped dozens of new build constructor companies who are building collections of lovely cottages and require an expert thatched roof construction team in Dorset.

Our most popular service is to assist homeowners who have a home with a thatched roof and who need a decent maintenance service performing on a regular basis. We will ensure that the thatched roof construction stays sturdy and won’t be affected by bad weather.

Benefits of maintaining a good thatched roof construction

By employing RV Miller to maintain your thatched roof construction, Dorset homeowners can be confident that all of the advantages of installing a thatched roof in the first place are upheld. Some of the benefits of preserving a solid Dorset thatched roof construction mean that it will always be:

  • A great naturally insulating material
  • Keep your property cool when the weather is warm, and warm when weather is cold
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Naturally waterproof
  • Long lifespan
  • Decorative ridging is sustained

When your Dorset thatched roof construction is well laid, which is something our team are experts at performing, it is virtually maintenance free, and you can enjoy the benefits of your roof without worrying about it.

Expert thatched roof construction with RV Miller

Rod Miller launched RV Miller in the 1960’s, once his extensive apprenticeship had been completed. Rod has encouraged all of the employees who have joined the team to be as obsessive about thatching as he is, and he is a firm believer that this beautiful roofing material should not be a dying trade. Our check-a-trade score of 9.75 is testament to our fantastic level of service, and how passionate we truly are about thatched roof construction Dorset maintenance.

In addition to performing the upkeep of thatched roof construction Dorset services, our highly trained team at RV Miller are also experts in adding our water repellent coating to aid in the preservation of your roof. We use the latest NANO technology to help waterproof your roof, and it can be used on all types of reeds that are used to create thatched roof construction.

All of the thatched roof construction Dorset apprentices that work within our team are part of the National Society of Master Thatchers Apprenticeship Scheme, so we can be confident that whoever is working on your thatched roof is upholding our expert level of thatching standards.

Our thatched roof construction gallery

Our gallery shows many photographs of the thatched roof construction Dorset houses have received by our team, as well as other thatching techniques.

Speak to RV Miller today for thatched roofing requirements

To receive beautifully crafted thatched roof construction Dorset homeowners will be proud of, speak to a member of RV Miller today on 01929 462465. Together, we can make sure that thatched roofing never goes out of style in England.