Thatch Roof Repairs in Somerset

Thatch Roof Repairs in Somerset

Thatched roofs are a timeless entity to the Somerset landscape, and while their upkeep can be time-consuming, they are undeniably beautiful and quintessentially English. Unfortunately, and any owner of a thatched roof would agree, they are susceptible to the elements. Over time, they may begin to leak or look tired and worn. In which case, you need our expert thatch roof repairs in Somerset to make your thatch look and perform as good as new. Give us a call on 01929 462465 today.

Why may you need our Somerset thatch roof repairs?

The longevity of your current thatch is heavily dependent on regular Thatch Roof Repairs in Somerset maintenance and repairs. Employing a company with many years of experience in both thatching and thatch roof repairs Somerset can ensure that any problems are noticed before they become too advanced. You can then significantly reduce the amount of money that you spend on your thatch over time.

There are many reasons why you may need our thatch roof repairs in Somerset including:

  • Not investing in regular maintenance visits
  • Poor quality materials used
  • Below standard thatching skills
  • The amount of shade surrounding your house creating a damp environment
  • Pollutants
  • Humidity

While many of these reasons are hard to control, it pays to employ a skilled thatcher with a reputation to match. We also recommend that if you’re planning to put your house in the market, you will benefit from employing our team to inspect and carry out any thatch roof repairs in Somerset before you try to sell.

Read on to find out why RV Miller conducts the best Somerset roof repairs around.

Our thatch roof repairs Somerset

For most, the need for our thatch roof repairs in Somerset can be discovered during a regular maintenance visit. However, if you’ve been experiencing leakages, or you’re concerned about the structure of your roof after a bout of bad or extreme weather, don’t hesitate to call our Somerset thatch roof repairs team.

When we receive your phone call, we will aim to take a look at your roof as soon as possible to find out the cause of the problem. As a long-standing and renowned thatching company, we have a keen eye for recognising weak points in thatch roofs. We can then carry out our essential thatch roof repairs Somerset in order to make your roof look and perform like new.

As people who understand the importance of detail, we can apply and inspect the following when we carry our thatch roof repairs in Somerset:


You need to replace your ridge every 10 years. It may be that when we visit your property, we discover that your ridge is beyond repair and could need replacing sooner rather than later. At RV Miller, we have many ridge designs up our sleeves; from plain, decorative to intricate patterns.

Water-repellent coating

Once we have conducted our thatch roof repairs Somerset, to help fight against future problems and to retain the longevity of your thatch, we can spray on a waterproof spray. Using nano-technology to coat every length of reed, it permeates through the layers in your roof forming an anti-mould waterproof barrier which protects against:

  • Moisture absorption
  • Reed mould
  • Growth of moss
  • Build-up of slime
  • Rotting or discolouration

Sound advice

Perhaps you’ve just bought your first property with a thatch roof, or maybe we’ve noticed something that can be easily avoided in the future. If we can help you gain a better understanding of your thatched roof, we will. In turn, you could reduce the amount of money you spend on thatch roof repairs in Somerset in the future.

Why should you choose RV Miller?

We were established in 1966 – that’s an awful long time that we’ve been Thatch Roof Repairs in Somerset collecting the invaluable knowledge and skills required to carry out high-quality thatch roof repairs in Somerset. As a family-run business, every single piece of knowledge is passed down, and we complete each of our Somerset thatch roof repairs with the same impeccable skill-set.

Every single member of our thatch roof repairs in Somerset team started out as an apprentice, through which they were trained to become incredibly skilled thatchers. Closely monitored and regularly assessed throughout their apprenticeship, our apprentices were (and still are as fully qualified thatchers) constantly learning about the ever advancing technologies and techniques involved in carrying out the best thatch roof repairs in Somerset.

As one of the founding members of the National Society of Master Thatchers and as a registered member of Checkatrade, the evidence is there to say that we perform some of the best thatch roof repairs Somerset has ever seen.  To further cement our position, our company was chosen to feature on a television program for ITV, in which we demonstrated the correct way to thatch a roof.

“I am sure that our neighbours are equally impressed by the quality of your workmanship which has transformed the appearance of the crescent. Your team was efficient and courteous throughout. Thank you for a job well done.”

D Birchenall – Broadmayne, Nr Dorchester, Dorset


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