Thatch repair in Somerset

Do you own a house that has a thatch roof? Then you know how important it is to properly maintain your thatch roof and repair any issues as soon as they occur. A maintained thatch roof makes the whole exterior of your home look attractive and smart. Make sure you get the best thatch repair in Somerset, and contact RV Miller.

Expert thatch repairs for Somerset homes

thatch repair in Somerset There are many reasons why thatching is an excellent choice for your roof type. When installed correctly, a thatched roof provides the best insulation known to man. Thatched roofs are incredibly attractive and are one of the most durable roofing methods on the market. Thatched roofs need to undergo a thorough maintenance and repair service about every 25 years on average, depending on what type of thatch material your property’s roof has been built with.

It is important that your thatch roof functions correctly to ensure that it is a high-functioning method of insulation for your home, and won’t let any rain or bad weather elements into your home. The insulation that a thatch roof provides means that your home stays cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

Sadly, there are a few risks when it comes to owning a thatched roof. The most dangerous threat is that a thatch roof has the risk of catching fire from being struck by lightning. At RV Miller, we install lightning conductors that are in accordance with SABS code of practice. These conductors protect them from being struck by lightning and burning your whole house down.

Select RV Miller for premier thatch repairs

A repair and maintenance company that delivers a high standard of repairs is vital to making sure that the roof is a well-functioning piece of your home. At RV Miller, we are proud to be a member of the National Society of Master Thatchers, a prestigious society to inspire, support and advance the craft of thatching, especially the thatching of roofs.

Other reasons why our clients have chosen RV Miller to do their thatch repair in Somerset, instead of another company, include:

  • Over 50 years of experience in thatching
  • Family run company
  • Able to perform water repellent spray coatings
  • Different thatch ridging styles available
  • We support training apprentices in thatch repair
  • Check-A-Trade approved


View our gallery to see photographs of the thatched houses our team have completed repair and maintenance work on in Somerset.

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