Thatch Repair Dorset

Do you own a thatch-roof cottage? Is your thatch roof falling apart? If you need a thatch repair in Dorset, then you are in luck. As specialist thatch experts for over 40 years, R. V. Miller will repair your thatch roof to an excellent standard with our professional repair services.

How does thatch repair in Dorset work?

At R. V. Miller, we use techniques that guarantee to prolong the life of your thatch roof. Most of the techniques we use today for repairs have been the same traditional methods and techniques of the past. However, we have also put our own modern twist on the reparations we deliver.

Whether your roof is in urgent need of attention of your ridging is falling apart, call us today for the most reliable and affordable solutions around.

Thatch Repair Dorset

Restructuring the woodwork foundation

When the roof has collapsed, and your thatching isn’t as stable as it once was, then the team at R. V. Miller are here to reconstruct the foundations of your roof. The woodwork behind the roof is one of the most integral parts of your roofing structure. We will carry out an inspection of the property to understand the damage and rejuvenate your woodwork with a new lease of life.

Cleaning and redressing

All cleaning must be done by hand, and it is important that your thatch roof is cleaned thoroughly before any re-thatching takes place. Once we have cleaned your roof, our redressing will begin. We will reconstruct your thatch roof in Dorset using techniques that are proven to bring long-lasting results to your roofing structure.

Waterproofing the roof

We use the latest water repellent spray which uses Nano technology to coat your thatch roof. Water is often the biggest cause for the growth of mould and moss which weakens the structural integrity of your roof. When sprayed with our new waterproof solution, you will be preventing anything like this from happening to your thatch roof.

Do you need a Dorset thatch repair service?

While an eye-catching and unique feature for any property, thatch roofs are often susceptible to damage. Whether you have a weathered thatched barn or cottage roof, our Dorset thatch repair services will extend to all buildings. Damage will usually be the result of any one of the following factors:

  • Algae and moss
  • Birds
  • High winds
  • Pests and rodents
  • Strong storms

Over time, your thatch roof will go through all the above, and more, so it is important to check, on a regular basis, any damages that come to your thatch roof in Dorset.

Why choose R. V. Miller?

Having worked for over 40 years in thatch roofing and repairs, we are one of the most reliable thatch roofing companies in all of Dorset. As members of the National Society of Master Thatchers and the Dorset Master Thatchers Association, we guarantee to give superb results in every project we carry out. We believe in the friendly approach we provide and as a family-run company we are proud of the personal work we carry out.

Take a look through our gallery and all of our before and after pictures to see the fantastic results of our thatch repair service in Dorset for yourself. Alternatively, browse the reviews on our Check-A-Trade profile to see what others have to say about our fantastic services.

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