Thatch Maintenance and Repair in Dorset

Is your thatch roof suffering from wear and tear? RV Miller provides a complete thatch maintenance and repair Dorset service to meet your requirements. No matter how big or small the job, our team of experts have the experience to ensure all works are completed to the highest standards. To find out more, call us today on 01929 462465.

Our Dorset Thatch Maintenance and Repair Services

At RV Miller, we’re proud to be the affordable and most trusted option for thatch maintenance and repair, Dorset customers. We offer a service that will restore your thatch roof to its former glory. Due to the natural materials used in the thatching process, the material used for thatch roof will inevitably degrade over time with age and exposure to the elements.

Prior to any works commencing on your property, our team of experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your thatch roof. We’ve provided customers in Dorset thatch maintenance and repair services for many years now. We know what to look for and will easily ascertain the work that’s required to complete the job effectively.

Common Thatch Repair in Dorset Services

Using our years of experience, we have the tools and staff required to repair all thatch roofs in Dorset to the highest standards. All roofs maintained and repaired by RV Miller will help prolong the overall life of your thatch roof. Over the years, we have seen that thatch roofs can be damaged by numerous factors such as:

  • Rodents
  • Birds
  • Storm Damage
  • Humidity

Rest assured that regardless of how your roof was damaged, you can count on our thatch maintenance and repair Dorset specialists. We’ll provide you with an accurate assessment along with our recommendations. Only our team will carry out the work, ensuring the highest standards are upheld. Once we’re done, you’ll be unable to tell the roof was ever damaged.

Thatch Maintenance and Repair in Dorset

The Only Company You Need to Call for Thatch Maintenance and Repair in Dorset

As a general rule of thumb, we advise our customers to replace their thatch roof every 10-15 years. This ensures that your home is adequately protected at all times from the elements. We also suggest that you take the greatest care with your thatch roof and don’t allow other tradesmen to damage the roof with the use of ladders. You should also schedule regular thatch maintenance and repair, Dorset property owners, to ensure your roof remains in tip-top condition.

Other Services

At RV Miller, we provide several excellent services besides thatch maintenance and repair in Dorset. These services include:

  • Ridging
  • Installations
  • Water Repellent Coatings
  • And More!
  • Ridging

The ridging is an important part of any thatched roof and should always be a top consideration when it comes to thatch maintenance and repair. Dorset customers are advised to have the ridging replaced once every ten years. At RV Miller, we offer a variety of options, including ornate block ridging and plain flush, so you’re sure to find a look that inspires you.

Water Repellent Coatings

Water repellent coatings are an important step towards maintaining the longevity of any thatched roof. At RV Miller, we use a specialised formula that impregnates the thatch, providing deep layers of protection that’ll keep out damp. The coating helps protect against moisture, mould, algae, and other things which could cause damage to both the roof and the property interior.


Besides thatch maintenance and repair in Dorset, we also install new thatch roofs. If your roof has reached the end of its life or is simply beyond repair, we will provide the necessary services to replace the roof in its entirety. We carry two types of reed which we use in the construction of new roofs – water and wheat reed.

Water reed is very hard-wearing and incredibly durable, able to last for more than 25 years and up to 45 years with regular maintenance. The trade-off is that it’s quite heavy and so isn’t suitable for every property. An alternative is the lighter wheat reed, a material that’s less durable but better suited to properties which cannot support the weight of water reed.

With proper maintenance, a wheat reed installation can last for up to 25 years, making it a worthwhile choice for homeowners. If you’re unsure which type of reed is best for your home, we can recommend the right option during our survey.

Benefits of a Thatched Roof

If your property did not have a thatched roof originally but you’re now considering one, bear in mind the benefits of thatching. These include:

  • Added Novelty Value Owing to the Antiquity of Roof Type
  • Durability and Strength
  • Fantastic Insulating Properties
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Aesthetically Superior to Other Roofing Types

If you have any questions or would like to discuss thatch maintenance and repair, Dorset customers, simply give RV Miller a call today.

Why Choose RV Miller for Thatch Maintenance and Repair, Dorset Customers?

RV Miller are one of the most experienced thatching companies in the United Kingdom. We have over 40 years of experience in providing a first-class thatch maintenance and repair in Dorset service for many properties. What really makes us stand out is the truly impeccable advice we offer.

We can assist customers with any queries related to thatch surveys, insurance reports, fireproofing, and even listed buildings. Thatched roofs can be tricky to keep in check and most homeowners lack the necessary understanding. But we’re committed to ensuring you have the knowledge you need. And so long as you stay on top of thatch maintenance and repair, Dorset customers, your roof will last for many, many years to come.

RV Miller is a family-run company, and it is run by Rod Miller and his stepson John Tozer. We care about our reputation, and we believe our pride in our reputation is reflected in the quality of our thatching work.

Both John and Rod are members of the National Society of Master Thatchers and The Dorset Master Thatchers Association. Therefore, customers can expect that thatch maintenance and repair, Dorset customers, will always be completed by an expert. With seven qualified and expert thatchers in our company, we pride ourselves on the quality delivered to your property in Dorset.


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