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If your home has a traditional thatched roof, finding the right specialist can be a little trickier than if you had a pitched or flat roof. Fortunately, you have the team at RV Miller to call; we provide reliable, affordable roof thatching, Wareham customers can always count on. Backed by over 50 years of experience, you trust that we know our industry inside and out. And no matter what, we’ll charge you over the odds for our service. To make enquiries, call our team today on 01929 462 465.

The Number One Choice for Roof Thatching in Wareham

Here at RV Miller, we’ve built an impressive reputation over a period of more than half a century as the best company for roof thatching, Wareham has to offer. Thatched roofs are a party of English heritage but are not as commonplace as they once were. Most modern roofing companies aren’t knowledgeable of thatched roofs, which can make it tricky when yours needs repairing or replacing.

Those that do often charge a premium as they are often in demand. We feel this is a terrible way to do business, which is why we’re proud to among the few companies that always charge affordable rates. And as we specialise in thatched roofs, you can be certain you’re in safe and capable hands with our Wareham roof thatching company.

Your Go-To for Roof Thatching, Wareham Property Owners Swear By

As with any modern pitched or flat roof, the result is only ever as good as the workmanship, and ours is the finest there is when it comes to thatched roofs. Roof thatching in Wareham installed by RV Miller will last for many, many years. And if you request that we fix your thatched roof, rest assured it’ll be restored to full working order, saving you a lot of hassle. We know everything there is to know about roof thatching, including which is the best type of thatch to use for any given property.

Water Reed

Arguably the more the durable of the two options, water reed comes from countries that include Romania, Hungary, and Turkey. It is a heavy material used for centuries and is renowned for its durability. If installed professionally, water reed roof thatching, Wareham customers, can last for up to 45 years if sufficiently maintained.

Wheat Reed

The lighter of the two materials, wheat reed is a less durable material that tends to rot quicker. If professionally installed by our Wareham roof thatching team, a wheat reed roof will last up to 25 years with sufficient upkeep. But why would you choose it over water reed? Because some roofs can’t handle the heavy load imposed by water reed. Wheat reed is a great alternative and to the untrained eye, is virtually indistinguishable from water reed.

The type of reed will be determined by our team as part of our roof survey. This usually follows on from our initial discussion. Our findings will determine the price you’ll ultimately be charged which you’ll be informed of upon receipt of your FREE, no-obligation quote. If you decide to proceed, we’ll schedule a date and time to carry out the installation work.

Repairs and Ridging

Thatched roofs, like any other roof, can deteriorate with age or be damaged by fast-moving/ falling objects or adverse weather conditions necessitating repairs. To keep your roof in tip-top condition, we suggest hiring our roof thatching Wareham team at the first sign of trouble. We’ll inspect the roof and devise the right solution, leaving your roof fully functional and in pristine condition.

Every thatched roof has a ridge – these range from plain options to ones which are ornate by design. The ridging is an important part of your roof thatching, Wareham customers, and so should be replaced once every ten years. If yours needs looking at, get in touch with RV Miller now.

Why Come to Our Wareham Roof Thatching Specialists?

When it comes to investing in a new thatched roof or hiring a team to carry out repair work, it pays to hire the best. At RV Miller, we enjoy a proud reputation that stretches back to our founding in 1966.

Master Thatchers Dorset

For the last 54 years, we’ve gone from strength to strength, building a loyal client base who wouldn’t hesitate to recommend us to friends and family. This makes us immensely proud as a company that’s committed to customer satisfaction. This should provide you peace of mind that we’re the right choice for roof thatching, Wareham customers.


We are still run even to this day by our company founder – Rod Miller – alongside his stepson – John Tozer. The pair oversee every job we undertake, ensuring that our exceptionally high standards are upheld.


Every member of our team is skilled and capable of carrying out the full range of services we offer, from installations to waterproofing and maintenance. With RV Miller, you’re in safe and capable hands, no matter what your requirements related to roof thatching in Wareham might be.



An important part of maintaining your thatch roof is to ensure the ridge is replaced approximately every ten years.


Small regular repairs and inspections should be carried out to keep your thatch roof well maintained which will ensure a longer life span.


We can offer advice on all aspects of thatching including thatch surveys, insurance reports, fireproofing and listed buildings.

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So, if you would like to make enquiries concerning your roof thatching, Wareham customers need only call RV Miller on 01929 462 465, email us at, or fill out our online contact form.