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Is your thatch roof in need of repairs? Or does your property require a brand-new thatch roof to replace one that’s long past the end of its life? Here at RV Miller, we’re a roof thatching specialist with more than 50 years’ hands-on experience. We provide the best solutions for thatch roofs; solutions which last and won’t cost you a fortune. For more details, call us today on 01929 462 465.

The Top Roof Thatching Company – RV Miller

Here at RV Miller, we’re passionate about thatch roofs and the remarkable role they’ve played in this country’s heritage. Thatch roofs aren’t as common as they once were, and neither are thatchers – once a commonplace profession. And so, it can be tricky finding a roof thatching specialist that won’t take advantage of this fact. Well, consider your search over as RV Miller are an honest company you can trust.

Since 1966, our roof thatching experts in Dorset have been providing unbeatable service, from thatch roof repairs to bespoke installations. Whether high winds have damaged your roof, it’s showing its age, or it has been destroyed by a falling tree, we can help. To get started, read on and once you’re done, give our team a call.

The Only Roof Thatching Experts You Need to Call

From the smallest request, such as a garden project to a full-sized barn; at RV Miller, we consider all requests. And we always quote honestly, taking into consideration the work involved. This way, you never end up paying a fortune when hiring our roof thatching specialists. And depending on your property, we offer two types of reed – water and wheat.

Water reed is a very heavy material, used on rooftops for centuries. We import our water reed from countries such as Turkey, Romania, and Hungary, as we feel the quality is unmatched. A roof made of water reed should easily last up to 45 years, or around 25 years with minimal maintenance. Alternatively, our roof thatching company can offer wheat reed instead.

Wheat reed is a much lighter material that’s less durable than water reed. It tends to rot quicker and only has a maximum life cycle of up to 25 years (with proper maintenance). Why then should you consider it? Because some roofs can’t handle the heavy load imposed by water reed. Wheat reed is a lighter solution, and so is suitable for such properties. And to the untrained eye, the two materials look virtually identical.

If you’re unsure which reed is the right choice, call our roof thatching specialists. Our visit starts with an informal discussion before moving onto a roof survey. The results of this survey will determine the choice of reed and the price we quote you. There’s no obligation to accept our quote, but if you do, we’ll schedule a date and time to carry out the repairs/ installation.

Why Should You Choose Our Roof Thatching Specialists?

Here at RV Miller, we’re proud to be the longest-serving roof thatching company in Dorset. Founded by our namesake, Rod Miller, our company is the product of the many years of experience he’s brought to the table. Rod’s career started in the 1960s when he completed his apprenticeship, after which, he began working full time in 1966.

Today, Rod continues to run RV Miller alongside his stepson, John Tozer. John’s experience stretches back to 1994 when he first qualified as a thatcher. Together, the two oversee our tight-knit workforce, which comprises passionate professionals who are all highly trained. Regardless of your request, each member of our team is more than capable of executing it to the fullest.

The full range of services provided by our roof thatching experts includes:

So, no matter what sort of work you need carrying out on your thatched roof, you can trust that RV Miller will be able to handle it. But don’t just take our word for it, click on our gallery page which features plenty of images that showcase our talents.

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