For many, the idea of living in a thatched cottage is a dream to aspire to. But thatching requires regular upkeep and specialist attention to prevent the dream from becoming a nightmare. If you’ve recently moved into a property or haven’t checked the roof in a long while, now might be a good time to get it looked over by a professional thatcher. Enter RV Miller!

Regular spot repairs and inspections should be carried out to keep your thatch roof in tip-top condition, ensuring a longer lifespan. At RV Miller, we provide this service at a very competitive price point. The pictures presented below show how our skilled craftsmen can give a roof in poor condition a new lease of life. To get started, just give us a call to arrange a visit at a time to suit you.

Look for the Signs

It’s not always possible to spot signs that a thatch roof needs fixing, though there are things you can look for. Look for the following signs and call us if you spot any of them:

  • Fixings Showing Through
  • Hollows or Lines in the Thatch
  • Wire Netting Raised on the Edge
  • Net Patches Under Eaves
  • Moss and Lichen Growing on the Thatch
  • Flashings* Coming Away

* = flashings are the waterproof strips that are found around chimneys and roof protrusions. They are easy to spot!

Please note that just because your thatch looks a mess and materials are slipping doesn’t mean it needs re-thatching. Conversely, just because a roof looks neat and well-presented, and everything appears to be in good condition doesn’t mean the roof is in prime condition. Appearances can be deceiving, so for a second opinion, call our team today!

What Types of Repair Work Do We Carry Out?

At RV Miller, we carry out all thatch roof-related repair work, from re-ridging to cement flashing and patching. We’ll first assess your roof to determine the current condition. Based on our findings, we’ll either need to perform minor repairs or a complete re-thatch. We’ll talk to you beforehand, lay out the situation for you, and provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote for the work.

If a re-thatch is needed, we’ll strip everything back to the timbers or simply back to the base. We’ll add a new ridge, wire netting to prevent damage from vermin, new coat work, and finally, a fire-retardant spray.

As for minor repairs, we can help with re-ridging, cement flashing, brushing down, patching, and a process known as “dressing up”. This is a process where thatch is secured and levelled after coming away from its fixings. For more information about our repair service or any types of work we carry out, make sure to get in touch with our team.

It’s important to have your thatch roof checked regularly, especially after a recent and violent storm. For an inspection and FREE quotation with no obligation to commit, call RV Miller today on 01929 462465.

These pictures show how a roof in poor condition can be given a new lease of life by our skilled team of craftsmen