Master Thatchers

Is your thatched roof in dire need of repairs? Then you need to call the master thatchers at R.V. Miller Ltd today on 01929 462465 and find out for yourself why we’re the number one choice. From spot repairs to complete thatched roof replacements, no other team does more for less. For thatched roof professionals who instil confidence, call us now to arrange a survey.

Choose R.V. Miller Ltd for the best thatchers in Dorset

Nothing looks classier than a beautifully thatched rooftop; invoking both character and charm, they are a symbol of the quaint British countryside. With newer more modern roofing options emerging over the last century or more, thatched roofs have become less common making master thatchers harder to find.

Those that you do find often charge a fortune for their services; fortunately, R.V. Miller Ltd offer a fair and competitively priced service. Whether you require a thatch repair in Dorset or a new roof to replace one that has been heavily damaged or destroyed, we can help. We always quote the best prices for our work and provide full written quotations, so you never need to worry about hidden charges.

How can our master thatchers be of assistance?

Even a thatched roof that looks perfectly normal from the outside can be wrought with problems throughout. This can lead to all kinds of issues developing such as unwanted cold spots and damp, and can also cause your heating bills to spike. Our thatchers in Dorset are trained to look for any signs of deterioration and will always tell you precisely what work needs carrying out.

Our survey will also take into account the state of the ridging on top of your thatched roof. We suggest replacing this once every ten years to ensure that it remains in full working order. Once any thatch repair is completed, our master thatchers will apply a 100% biodegradable water repellent coating to ensure that your roof is fully sealed against rainwater or snow. This coating also comes with other great benefits such as:  Master Thatchers

  • Anti-mould protection
  • Full impregnation of any thatched roof
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Organic
  • Prevents build-up of moss, algae, and slime
  • Prevents rotting and discolouration

Professional Roof Installations

In addition to providing thatch repair in Dorset, here at R.V. Miller Ltd, we also have the means to install thatched roofs from scratch. Whether your roof has been severely damaged or destroyed by bad weather or falling debris or it has reached the end of its life, we can replace it entirely.

We use two different types of reed – water and wheat – each with its own distinctive characteristics. Grown and harvested in countries such as Romania and Turkey, Water Reed is heavy duty and long-lasting making it ideally suited to harsher environments. When professionally installed, a Water Reed rooftop can last up to 50 years.

By comparison, Wheat Reed is less durable lasting for around 15-25 years. However, it is as aesthetically pleasing as Water Reed and ideally suited for properties that are unable to support the heavier load of a Water Reed rooftop. Regardless of which material you decide on, you can expect the finest results from our master thatchers.

Why choose R.V. Miller Ltd?

Founded in 1966 by Rod Miller, R.V. Miller Ltd is a company that is built on a long and proud history of providing customer satisfaction time and time again. As a result of our firm commitment to your clientele, our thatchers in Dorset have built an exceptional reputation and have become the leading choice for thatching across the industry.

As a company, we are proud members of the National Society of Master Thatchers or NSMT. The NSMT sets strict criteria that must be satisfied for membership to be granted. Applicants must be sponsored by an existing member and be fully backed by peer review. The highest standards of quality and craftsmanship must be maintained to remain a member.

For this reason, when you deal with R.V. Miller Ltd, whether for thatch repair in Dorset or a new rooftop, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands. Of course, you can always check out our Check-A-Trade profile to see what other customers have had to say about us.


Call R.V. Miller Ltd today on 01929 462465 and choose our master thatchers to restore your thatched roof to its former glory.