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Are you looking to remodel your roof completely but aren’t sure where to turn? Consider your hunt over and choose R. V. Miller Ltd, home to the best master thatchers Southampton has available. With years of experience and a stunning portfolio, we are the number one choice for all your thatching needs. Get in touch now by calling us on 01929 462 465 or sending us an email at

Professional Master Thatchers in Southampton

Here at R. V. Miller Ltd, we specialise in thatching, a trade which we have been practising since we were first established in 1966. All the years in which we have been carrying out thatching have led to us gaining a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the trade. This time spent honing our skills has developed us into master thatchers. Southampton customer can, therefore, expect us to deliver the highest level of quality whenever they employ our services.

In our over 50 years of business, we have become accustomed to taking on jobs of all sizes in Southampton. Master thatchers in Hampshire are expected to deliver no matter the scale of the project, and this is something that we consistently do at R. V. Miller Ltd. We are always happy to listen to customers enquires and see how we can approach a project in a way that suits them.

R. V. Miller Ltd has continued to go from strength to strength over the years, and are proud of our long history which saw us start from humble beginnings. Having begun with one man, Rod Miller, the company now operates on a national basis and is made up of a team of dedicated master thatchers. Southampton customers can be assured that when they choose us, they will be receiving services from people who have a passion for their craft.

Southampton Master Thatchers with Years of Experience

There are a couple of options available when choosing us for thatching in Southampton. Master thatchers will use one of two types of reed, water or wheat, which are both aesthetically pleasing but slightly different in their qualities. Water reed is both hard wearing and durable and can last anywhere between 25-45 years if properly maintained. Wheat reed, on the other hand, is almost identical in appearance but has a shorter lifespan of 15-25 years.

As master thatchers in Southampton, we can provide you with a multitude of reasons as to why you should consider a thatched roof. These advantages include the fact that:

  • It’s Made Up of a Naturally Weather-Resistant Material
  • It Doesn’t Absorb a lot of Water
  • It’s a Natural Insulator thanks to Air Pockets within the Straw
  • It is Aesthetically Pleasing

These are, of course, only some of the reasons why a thatched roof is a feature worth considering. R. V. Miller Ltd is always available to give our customers further advice on thatched roofs, especially with regards to maintenance. It is our commitment to our customers that makes us the most approachable master thatchers Southampton can offer.

The Most Skilled Master Thatchers Southampton Has Available

We have, as master thatchers in Southampton, carried out many successful projects over the years, all of which we are very proud. Thatching is a technique that takes time and skill to get right, and it is always apparent from the quality of our work that we are experts in the field. To have a look at some of our recent projects, visit our online gallery that showcases some of our best work.

As recognition of our work, R. V. Miller Ltd is also an accredited member of the esteemed National Society of Master Thatchers. Southampton customers can, therefore, be assured further of our credibility and skill thanks to recognition from this renowned industry body.

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