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Does your property sport a thatched roof that’s in need of repairs? Maybe the roof has reached the end of its serviceable life and is in need of replacing. There aren’t too many specialist thatching companies left, but the good news is that RV Miller is one. With over 50 years’ experience, you can rest assured that we have the skills and knowledge to provide you with exceptional service. To get started, give us a call today on 01929 462 465.

The Most Knowledgeable Master Thatcher in Dorset

Thatching is a dying art as the number of properties with thatched roofs continues to dwindle. However, many still do showcase the distinctive qualities of this time-honoured tradition. But installing or repairing a thatched roof takes great skill – skill possessed by our master thatcher, Dorset customers. If your roof is failing or needs replacing, waste no time in calling us.

Very few roofing companies will handle thatched roofs, and this creates a problem where thatching specialists often charge a small fortune for their services. We feel this is dishonest and so promise our customers that we’ll always charge rates which are both fair and reasonable. For this reason, we’ve become the go-to Dorset master thatcher with customers flocking to us since 1996.

Do you want to learn more about our service? Then keep reading or give our team a call today.

A Master Thatcher Dorset Property Owners Can Always Count On

RV Miller are a family-run company renowned for unbeatable workmanship and providing the very best customer service excellence. As the top master in Dorset, we cater to the needs of all our customers. From a small garden shed to the largest barn, we tackle projects of all sizes. For our work, we use two types of weed – water and wheat.

Water Reed

Water reed is the strongest reed available. Sourced from Turkey, Romania, and Hungary, water reed is very hard-wearing able to withstand the elements and more for a long time. With proper maintenance and so long as it’s been installed by a reputable master thatcher, Dorset customers can expect a service life of up to 45 years.


Wheat Reed

Certain rooftops cannot support the weight of water reed, and there may be situations where water reed is not suitable for other reasons. Wheat reed is somewhat less durable only sporting a rated service life of up to 25 years. But for properties that require it, it is, without a doubt, a solid product, especially when installed by our Dorset master thatcher.

Repairs and Ridging

To keep your thatched roof in excellent working order, you’ll need to ensure that you’re hiring the right people to replace the ridging. This should ideally be done once every ten years to maintain the integrity of the roof. For styles ranging from plain to ornate finishes, make sure to speak with our master thatcher, Dorset customers.

If your roof has been damaged, for instance, by a falling tree or strong winds, time is of the essence. A damaged roof won’t keep out the elements or keep your home warm and dry. As mentioned above, only skilled thatchers have the experience necessary to repair thatched roofs. If you require repairs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our master thatcher, Dorset property owners.


Master Thatchers

Why Should You Choose Our Dorset Master Thatcher?

Here at RV Miller, we’re proud to be one of the longest-serving thatching companies in all of Dorset. Founded by Rod Miller back in 1966, the company has continued to go from strength-to-strength over the years. Very few other businesses can hope to match our level of skill and expertise. This makes us confident that customers will continue to choose us over our competitors.

As mentioned above, hiring a master thatcher, Dorset customers, can be tricky. So many companies will try to charge you over the odds, but not us. We’ll always offer you our services for the most competitive price possible. All work will be carried out by our loyal workforce who are as passionate about thatching as we are. We provide a full range of services, including:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Ridging
  • Waterproofing Spray

No matter the size or complexity of your request, you can rest assured that it’ll be handled with the utmost skill and professionalism. But don’t take our word for it, visit our gallery page which showcases our team in action as well as our impeccable workmanship. So, if you’re about ready to reach out to a master thatcher in Dorset, you can get in touch using the contact details below.

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To get in touch with our master thatcher, Dorset customers can call RV Miller directly on 01929 462 465. You can also email us at or fill out our online contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible!