Emergency thatch repair

Do you own a house that has a thatched roof? Would you like to have a reliable emergency thatch repair telephone number to hand for whenever something goes awry? Then you need to put RV Miller’s telephone number in your contact list. We are leading experts in all things thatched roof related, and we have successfully handled all thatched repair emergencies.

Thatch Emergency Repair in Dorset  Emergency thatch repair

Owning a thatched roof adds a beautiful aestheticism to any property, but sadly, they can be expensive to maintain and are at risk of issues occurring that just don’t happen to regular roofs. The two most common types of thatching are the water reed type, and the wheat reed type; both of which we practically wrote the book about!

Emergency problems that we will repair

Some of the common issues that can happen when you own a thatched roof, and will therefore need an emergency thatch repair service include:

  • Bird damage and nesting
  • Fire damage
  • Faulty chimneys which can also lead to fire damage
  • Leaking thatched roof or valley
  • Moss on thatching
  • Rats and vermin appearing in thatched roof
  • Rusty or broken netting
  • Storm damage
  • Tree impalement
  • Wind damage

If you thatch is susceptible to suffering from fire damage, there are certain methods that you and we can implement to ensure that the likelihood that a fire thatch emergency won’t happen again. Make sure you regularly sweep out your chimneys if you have one; only burned seasoned wood, and definitely get our qualified thatched roof experts to perform a regular maintenance check on a recurring basis.

The history of RV Miller and our Dorset thatch repair service

RV Miller was established by Rod Miller in early 1966, after he had completed a thorough apprenticeship during the 1960’s. Since then, our company has grown and grown, while always staying centred around operating a family-run business. After celebrating 50 years of thatching experience that has been established in RV Miller, we are confident that our services are the best on the market.

Whether you require emergency thatch repair, general repairs, a waterproof spray coating – which preserves your thatched roof for longer, or ridging services, then RV Miller is the company that you need to choose.  In addition to servicing your thatch after it has suffered an emergency, we can also make you thatch roof more resilient so the likelihood of it needing an emergency thatch repair service in the future is minimised.

As a company, we are proud members of Check-A-Trade as well as the Dorset Master Thatchers Association and the National Society of Master Thatchers.

Our thatch gallery

To see examples of the thatched roofs that we have installed, repaired and maintained over the years, view our extensive gallery.

Do you need emergency thatch repair? Contact RV Miller now!

So if something terrible has happened to your thatched roof and you need an emergency thatch repair service, make sure you hire the company with the most experience in the industry, and call RV Miller. Contact us today on 01929 462465 and we can visit your home to discuss your thatching requirements.