Dorset Thatch Ridging

Do you have a thatched roof on your Dorset property? If you want to preserve the longevity of your thatched roof then call the experts at RV Miller. With over 40 years of experience in thatching roofs, RV Miller has established reputation for excellence for our services. Thatch ridges are an additional add-on for thatched roofs and will make your roof stand out from the rest. For a complete Dorset thatch ridging, look to RV Miller today.

Our thatch ridging in Dorset services  Dorset Thatch Ridging

Thatch ridging refers to the ridge on a thatched roof. Typically, thatch ridging due to its placement on the roof is often exposed to the full brunt of foul weather.  As the thatch ridging on your Dorset property will most likely be an external fitting, it will need to be replaced every 10 years.  Our team will analyse the existing thatch ridges to ascertain which material was used and replace it accordingly.

RV Miller has the skills and equipment to customise our Dorset thatch ridging service to your requirements. We can provide wonderfully ornate block ridging to plain flush ridging. These patterns are a wonderful way of customising your thatched roof.

When we provide a thatch ridging service, we will also tidy-up general areas within the roof, make small repairs as necessary and more if required.

Why choose RV Miller?

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, RV Miller are unrivalled in the UK for our thatching services. Run by Rod Miller and stepson John Tozer, RV Miller has become one of the largest British thatching companies.

As both Rod and John are members of National Society of Master Thatchers and The Dorset Master Thatchers Association, our customers in Dorset can expect our thatch ridging services to be of the highest quality.

Our company has provided a thatching service for properties all over the UK. You can be assured that we will thatch all roofs to the highest standards.

We have a team of seven experienced and qualified thatchers who are extremely capable of completing all thatch services to the high standards that we expect at RV Miller.

In addition to our thatch ridging Dorset services, we provide the following thatching related services:

  • Thatch waterproofing spray
  • Thatch repairs
  • Thatch riding
  • Advice about thatching


View previous examples of our thatch riding service in our gallery.

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