Blandford Thatched Ridging

Although a properly constructed thatched roof can last over 30 years, for R. V. Miller of Blandford thatched ridging repairs account for a large percentage of our daily workload. Along with re-thatching, and the thatching of an increasing number of new builds, we’ve never been busier.

Sixty years ago thatching was considered a dying trade. Fewer and fewer thatched roofs were being put on new builds, and old thatched cottages were being demolished and rebuilt using modern roofing materials. Now, times are changing, greater numbers of new builds are going up with thatched roofs, and we at R. V. Miller, with over 40 years of thatching experience, are pleased to be a part of that revival.

Our Services If it’s to do with thatching, it’s to do with us at R. V. Miller. Whether you want a new summer house or tool shed in your garden thatched, or your complete house or cottage re-thatched, contact one of the most experienced thatching companies in Dorset.

As with all types of roofing; maintenance procedures need to be carried out at regular intervals to ensure maximum longevity of your thatched roof. Climate change is affecting weather patterns across the UK. Greater periods of high winds bringing down trees and damaging roofs are becoming a more common occurrence.

Around Blandford thatched ridging makes up a large percentage of our repair work. As with a normal tiled or slated roof, high winds whipping up the roof can do a lot of damage to the roofs ridge, no matter what the material. Thatching repairs, or a full re-thatch, we cover them all.

About Us

Even in agriculture, in forestry or waterways management, it’s unusual to find anyone whose experience and dedication to the countryside and its rural activities dates back over 50 years.

Our boss, Rod Miller is one such individual. Rod, a master thatcher, established R. V. Miller way back in 1966 to look after the thatching needs of those who required a professional, experienced tradesman to repair and maintain their thatched roofs. Now, 50 years later, we are one of the largest thatching companies in the UK. With an order book that continues to grow, we offer full apprenticeships to young adults, to ensure the art of thatching doesn’t die out.

We are also members of the National Society of Master Thatchers, and the Dorset Master Thatchers Association.

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We make no excuses for the fact our dedication to our trade seems at times to border on obsession. Having the most skilled tradesmen in the industry means little if inferior thatching materials are used in the construction.

When water reed became in short supply in the UK, and the attempted intensive growing of water reed produced an inferior product, we looked elsewhere. Today, while our high quality water reed is shipped in from countries across Europe, we also treat the thatch with a water repellent spray to reduce algae and moss, while preserving the lifespan of your roof.

If you want a high quality, long lasting thatch, constructed by professional, experienced thatchers, contact R. V. Slater today, and ensure your thatched roof gets the loving care it deserves.