Best Roof Thatching in Dorset

For the best roof thatching in Dorset, look no further than RV Miller Ltd – a thatching expert with over 50 years of experience that remains family operated. Give us a call on 01929 462 465 or 07786 981 590 to discuss your project us and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Our Dorset best roof thatching services

Best Roof Thatching in Dorset

RV Miller Ltd began in 1966 on the Isle of Purbeck. It was established by Rod Miller who still runs the company along with his stepson John Tozer who joined in 1994 after completing his apprenticeship. RV Miller Ltd has built a loyal customer base over its many years of operation and are now one of the largest companies to provide Dorset best roof thatching.

From the smallest garden project to the largest barn conversion, there is no project that’s too big or small for the expert team here at RV Miller Ltd. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can offer you a quotation and a rough time estimate. If you choose us to work on your roof, you’ll quickly realise why we are the number one choice for people looking for the best roof thatching in Dorset.

Best roof thatching in Dorset with water reed

Water reed is a durable choice that has been used on thatch roofs for centuries. A roof that has been thatched in water reed should last in excess of 25 years. When a roof is properly maintained, it may last up to 45 years. Today, RV Miller Ltd import their water reed from Hungary, Turkey and Romania.

Best roof thatching in Dorset with wheat reed

Wheat reed has also been used for centuries, however it is overall less hard wearing than water reed and tends to rot more. A roof that has been thatched in wheat reed will normally have a lifespan of 15 years. It can go up to 25 years with proper care and maintenance. The truth is that there is little aesthetic difference between the two reeds and it’s quite hard to tell the difference at a glance.

Why should I choose RV Miller Ltd for my best roof thatching Dorset?

Our history is long and varied here at RV Miller Ltd. Our founder Rod Miller completed his apprenticeship in the 1960s and began his career as a resident thatcher in Lulworth in 1966 where he lives to this day. While Rod is involved with the business to this day, his stepson John Tozer now oversees our team, the operations and the best roof thatching Dorset services.

In July 2012, Ade Edmondson visited RV Miller Ltd and filmed us thatching for a series of the popular ITV programme Ade in Britain. The Dorset best roof thatching project they filmed us working on was a rethatch in Wimborne. Ade had a go at laying a few bundles and twisting some spars. Overall, he seemed to have a great time on the roof especially when the rain stopped and the sun finally came out.

Visit our website to read our full history and find more detailed descriptions of all of our varied services including the best roof thatching in Dorset. You’ll be able to see pictures of our many successful past projects in our gallery. To keep up to date with company updates and relevant industry news, you can also follow our blog.

Rod Miller and his stepson John Tozer are both members of the National Society of Master Thatchers which has enabled them to establish themselves as the providers of the best roof thatching Dorset has ever seen. RV Miller Ltd will provide you with all of the following services:

  • General advice – We have experience with absolutely all aspects of thatching which means we can offer surveys, insurance reports as well as fireproofing advice
  • Ridging – A vital part of maintaining your thatch roof properly is ensuring the ridge is replaced once every 10 years
  • Repairs – In order to maximise the lifespan of your thatch roof, inspections and small maintenance repairs should be carried out on a regular basis
  • Water repellent coating – Our new thatch waterproofing spray will extend the life of your thatch roof significantly


Contact us today if you’d like to book us to carry out the best roof thatching in Dorset on your home. We are open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. Feel free to call us between those hours on 01929 462 465 or 07786 981 590. You can also send your enquiry via e-mail to Alternatively, simply fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you shortly to answer any questions.